Glitch Princess, Yeule packed The Echo in Los Angeles with extraordinary performance

Yeule at the Echo by Asha Moné

“I watch you on twitch,” screams a male fan as an eruption of praise fills the room. 

Twitch you say – Welcome to the world of Glitch Princess and art house/ anime apocalyptic cyber pop artist, Nat Ćmiel also known as Yeule. Wow that was a mouthful. 

On a quiet Saturday night in Los Angeles, Singaporean born star, Nat Ćmiel, sold out The Echo for a weekend filled with fantasy binding sounds with opener With Feeling

For starters , as soon as I walked into the venue, With Feeling, a New York based sonic duo consisting of Michele Yue  and Alex Jacobs, I was transported from Sunset Blvd to a Brooklyn warehouse party. Yue and Jacobs merge musical genres with a natural approach for them. The music led them in their decisions and the crowd energetically appreciated the experimental atmosphere.

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Yeule at The Echo By Asha Mone for Grimy Goods-05

When Yeule graced the stage and the green stage lights cascaded across them, the crowd metaphorically exchanged their concert tickets for a live game demo of Yeule’s Final Fantasy. We are now in the metaverse friends and it’s cooler than you could imagine.

Yeule is incredible beyond belief. I know this is a review, but I want to preface that. 

Taking their stage name after the video game character, they command the stage in a way that effortlessly keeps you engaged from the moment they step on stage to the moment they leave. There is this fluidity to their movements that mimic a butterfly’s wings and the elegance of a prima ballerina, but with the hellfire of the Silent Hill nurses. 

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When they performed fan favorites “Don’t Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty” and “Too Dead Inside,” I watched as fans faces filled with joy and at that moment I wished I was an animator and not a photojournalist. The joy and awe in each person’s eye reminds me of Chibi’s and Animal Crossing characters. 

Yeule at The Echo By Asha Mone for Grimy Goods-10

Yeule might make niche music to some, but seeing them perform in-person will open skeptics ears and eyes to a world of music that they are unfamiliar with. Yeule is only 24 years young and I believe they are going to make waves that disrupt the indie music and digital scene in years to come. 

If you are’t familiar with experimental pop or glitch pop, I would highly recommend taking a listen to Yeule’s Glitch Princess album. Thank Me Later. 

Photos & Words by Asha Moné

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With Feeling at The Echo By Asha Mone for Grimy Goods-2
Michele Yue of With Feeling at the Echo by Asha Moné
Yeule at The Echo By Asha Mone for Grimy Goods-48
Yeule at the Echo by Asha Moné
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