Jenevieve drops another smooth jam with “Love Quotes”


Los Angeles rising artist Jenevieve has shared a new single with the release of the somber but melodious “Love Quotes.” Tracing tenderly the emerging fault lines of a relationship, the track cruises sublimely through spacey beats and resplendent vocals. “I don’t need somebody to hold when it gets cold and I shiver,” Jenevieve resolutely promises as her layered vocals echo through the song’s wide-open soundscapes.

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But the song doesn’t just reject the idea of compromising on an unhealthy partner. Jenevieve also refuses to allow herself to be put in a position where she might make poor decisions — like staying in a failing relationship — just to retain some illusion of “love.” The song’s title points to fabricating some version of love to justify holding onto something that’s dying.

And with its glowing synth-instrumentals and resounding atmospherics, “Love Quotes” emerges as this mantra of self-empowerment. Its chorus reads like a list of promises Jeneveive is making to herself, a soothing reminder that she needs to love herself enough to just walkway.

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Lush break-up anthem “Love Quotes” follows the release of Jenevieve’s previous single “2NLuv,” which was her first single this year and the first to be recorded at Rockstar Energy Spotlight Studios. If you haven’t yet heard that incandescent hit featuring Benziboy go give it a listen right now. And then do yourself a favor and dive into her illustrious debut album Division.

Listen to Jenevieve’s new single “Love Quotes” below!

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Jenevieve will be opening up for Giveon at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles on September 15. Visit Jenevieve’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

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