Peyton Gilliland shares a fiery rock anthem with new single “Cookie Jar”

Peyton Gilliland

Rising 19-year-old rocker Peyton Gilliland is back with a new single, sharing her combustive anthem “Cookie Jar.” It’s her second release of the year and comes with the announcement of a new EP as well. On Gilliland’s latest she finds once again in that sweet spot between pop and rock that both puts a fire in your belly as it explodes with sensational hooks. Part of that comes also from the fiery energy she brings to the song: a rip-roaring passion and defiance that refuses to relent. On “Cookie Jar” she minces no words and says exactly what she’s thinking.


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Gilliland co-produced the track with Lincoln Parish (Cage The Elephant) and Brian Chirlo (Paramore). And with its head-pummeling drums and virulent bass, “Cookie Jar” channels the kind of hybrid Joan Jett, Blondie, and Paramore-esque anthemics that the artist emulates. From its soaring vocals and stunning sonics to the kind of lyrics written to be shouted until your voice goes hoarse. Everything about the track is just designed to ignite you and keep you head-banging in cathartic rancor.

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Which, given the subject matter of the track (i.e. cheaters), Gilliland’s energy is refreshingly uncompromising. “Cookie Jar” takes aim at everyone involved in such a betrayal and gives a no-holds-barred verbal and sonic slugging in which no one is spared. One in which Gilliland relishes the pure bliss of such a satisfying confrontation — but also in not having to keep quiet. Gilliland’s not one to not say what’s on her mind and “Cookie Jar” is the perfect kind of iridescent rock confessional.

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Visit Peyton Gilliland at her website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Peyton Gilliland’s new single “Cookie Jar” below!

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