Lyrics Born - photo by Mark Chua
Lyrics Born – photo by Mark Chua

Revolutionary MC Lyrics Born has returned with a new single and video for “Diamond Door,” teaming up with Princess Shaw for an elatedly funky track. Over the lush twinkle of acoustic riffs and upbeat drums the duo playfully and creatively allude to the song’s thinly veiled subject (i.e. pleasuring the one you love under the covers). Doused in Lyrics Born’s unique imagery and a euphoric buoyancy that mirrors the kind of reaction such intimacy inspires, “Diamond Door” is a verifiable smooth jam.


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“What’s behind your diamond door? / A private water park / Sliding and waterfalls / Cascading around my jaws,” he raps over the delirious bliss of the song’s melody. It doesn’t take long to know precisely what Lyrics Born is getting at — but the real magic of the song is how effortlessly he illustrates the scene in a way that’s both deeply illustrative but also hilariously coy. Case-in-point: “When you climax / A herd of platinum horses stand on they hind legs / Clappin’ for us.” If there ever was a more imaginative way to sing about oral sex I’ve yet to hear and the whole time you just can’t help but move to the track’s vibrancy. Which of course is owed to singer Princess Shaw’s illustrious vocals that swing in like shimmering pendulums.

The music video for “Diamond Door,” directed by Mark Austin Heim, sees Lyrics Born performing the track in front of a projected oval screen in an absurdly good-looking fur coat complete with large spherical glasses. And projected behind him are curiously intimate images that only add to the layers of intentional double entendre present in the song. Whether it’s of flowers blooming slowly, oranges getting juiced, some liquid being splashed, or even a shot of a toy train entering and exiting a tunnel. Like the song, the video is a little less than on the nose but it also plays it out in the same playful spirit.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Diamond Door” (feat. Princess Shaw) from Lyrics Born below!

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