The much-deserved hype for Dominican rapper Tokischa has reached new heights with the release of her latest track “Hung Up on Tokischa,” she will also be playing The Novo in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 21. A remix of the Madonna song “Hung Up” from her album Confessions on the Dance Floor, the new song sees the iconic singer teaming up with Tokischa for a steamy and bass-bumping rework. One that highlights exactly why such a vast array of artists are drawn to the rapper’s raw artistry and lyricism — from Rosalia to J Balvin.


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After all, everything about “Hung Up on Tokischa” hinges on Madonna’s newfound infatuation with such talent. But it’s also about getting the word out to whoever left needs to hear it: that you too will soon be just as fixated on her. Tokischa’s presence on the remix completely alters the track, injecting every bit of her lightning-sharp flow into the song’s altered beats. Elements of the original “Hung Up” still exist throughout but only as ghostly accentuations to Tokischa — she is the mesmeric center of it all.

The music video for “Hung Up on Tokischa,” directed by Sasha Kasiuha, takes the sultry and party anthemics of the track to new levels. Shot in New York it turns out the filming of the video itself ran into some trouble when noise complaints were made — an incidental reminder that not everyone is so easily hung up. In the music video, Madonna and Tokischa get playfully intimate at an absolutely wild dance party. Part of this takes place outside the building — probably when the noise became too much for neighbors — though luckily they were able to head inside to finish.

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The result is frenetically hot and heavy with Tokischa mirroring the unabashed sexuality Madonna has championed so iconically in her music for decades. And one that highlights the kind of sex-positivity and queer visibility that Tokischa herself lives. Though plenty of people have revealed their inability to cope with two women expressing themselves fully and unapologetically — but it’s safe to say those aren’t the kind of people Tokischa even wants to be hung up on her. It doesn’t change the fact that with every new release and collaboration she continues to revolutionize and edge her special brand of Dembow-mixed trap into the limelight.

See Tokischa at The Novo in Los Angeles on Oct. 21

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Hung Up on Tokischa” the new remix from Tokischa and Madonna below!

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