Elizabeth Moen

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Elizabeth Moen is gearing up for the self-release of her fourth album Wherever You Aren’t out on Nov. 11 with the release of her two newest singles, title-track “Wherever You Aren’t” and “Synthetic Fabrics.” A self-taught musician with a leaning towards rambunctious, garage-influenced indie rock, her music hinges deeply on the charming twang of her vocals as it does her nuanced melodies.

On “Synthetic Fabrics,” Moen traces amidst jutting riffs and her own yowling cries an anxious stay at her parent’s home. Which of course spurs the kind of thoughts that keep one up at night. Moen evaluates every piece of her life thus far — big and small — while lying awake. Lost in a tangle of anticipating life’s chaotic nature and beleaguered by thoughts of a childhood spent mapping out a plan for her life, “Synthetic Fabrics” is a sprawling attempt to come to terms with the fact that we’re all plagued to some extent by uncertain futures.

Title-track “Wherever You Aren’t” swaps Moen’s grumbling guitars for a beaming ballad as she tries to put into words the sweet melancholy of finding yourself at a place tied to someone from your past. Be it a close friend no longer such or an ex-lover, sometimes it’s just easier not to strike up a conversation because whatever old hurts might be dredged up. Yet there’s no bitterness anywhere to be found on “Wherever You Aren’t,” only the gossamer wisps of medley and stunning harmonies (Moen dueting with herself) that gush with such sobering tenderness.

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Moen’s two recent releases, which serve as a sublime preview of her album, showcase her skill at penning intimately personal sketches of life that are profoundly personable. Be sure to check out the album’s lead single as well, the soulful and lilting “Emotionally Available.”

“This album is an accumulation of great friendships found through learning the hard way about love and other life lessons,” Moen said of the album. “It’s filled with good times, bad times, and lots of time spent on the road around the world to write it, make it, and afterwards figure out what to do with it. I’m so happy to finally share this record that embodies what making music means to me: connection and introspection.”

Elizabeth Moen’s new album Wherever You Aren’t is out Nov. 11 pre-order it here.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the singles “Synthetic Fabrics” and “Wherever You Aren’t” from Elizabeth Moen below!