The Tiarras release new single and visuals “Cumbia en el Cielo” just in time for Dia de Los Muertos

The Tiarras

Texas trio The Tiarras, fka as Tiarra Girls, are back for a new Dia de Los Muertos-inspired single and video, “Cumbia en el Cielo.” Serving as an ode to the aforementioned musical genre and those who’ve passed away, the Mexican-American band of sisters delivers saccharine manifestations through their unique fusion of cumbia and ska music. The track ebbs and flows through many different musical instruments and emotions, first beginning with the gentle strings of a guitar before an unmistakable Colombian percussion pulse takes the song into a slow jam of a celebration.

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Lead singer and guitarist Tori Baltierra, alongside drummer Sophia Baliterra and bassist Tiffany Baliterra, appear in the new video dressed in black and gathered around an ornate ofrenda with family photos, situating the song and video into lucid introspection. The visuals are not unlike the inspiration behind the single, which came from a stirring dream Tori Baltierra had of the band’s “abuelas who have passed in our lives.”


In true Dia de Los Muertos fashion, their memory was that of them smiling and laughing along to the music that brought them up. The song ends with captivating drones that transport The Tiarras’ sound into a new plane of existence, conjuring images of spirits dancing the night away.

The Tiarras new single “Cumbia en el Cielo” is now on all streaming services, as well as the accompanying music video. The group just played the the SchoolsNotPrisons Music Festival in LA Trade Tech. Stay tuned for more L.A. dates.

Words: David Sosa

Connect with The Tiarras on Instagram, and Twitter, as well as their official website.

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