Joi Liayé

Los Angeles-based Joi Liayé has shared another alluring single with the release of “Problem,” you’ll also have a chance to see her perform at SoFar Sounds on Thursday, Nov. 3. Since last year the R&B artist and actress has garnered a ton of love thanks to her debut single “All Yours,” with every new track revealing the ardent nuances of Liayé’s music. From her emotionally incisive songwriting to the honeyed vocals that deliver them — she has all the makings of a newfound, contemporary soul-pop star.


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Her newest single “Problem” really highlights all the parts of Liayé’s artistry that make her so compelling to listen to. Throwback R&B beats imbued with an overflowing sensuality and tenderness fill the empty spaces between her lucidly beaming vocals. And with the help of frequent collaborator Dave B. who lends his bars to the song, “Problem” is an amorous love song about ignoring all the noise outside of your relationship.

“Feelings,” carries a similar soul-soothing vibe, a dreamy track that resounds with Liayé’s half-echoed words of affection and subdued, glowing tones. While on “Honestly,” she weaves a slow-dancing ballad that coyly centers on the moment you realize you’re really falling for someone. But more than that it also digs into the equally powerful hopes and fears that such a revelation tends to inspire, not to mention the surprise felt that this person is putting up with you.

Born in Detroit, Liayé’s musical education comes from her time in college studying musical theater. Eventually, she started recording demos for other artists, as well as beginning an acting career that’s led to roles on Netflix’s “Dear White People” and CBS’ “The Neighborhood.” Not to mention a talkshow on Youtube titled “The Vegan View.” But all her many endeavors only reveal the creative multitudes in her, which in turn is a large part of the reason why her music feels so immensely personal and emotionally grandiose.

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See Joi Liayé at SoFar Sounds on November 3.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the new single “Problem” from Joi Liayé below!

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