LA ska band and avowed “your ladies’ favorite band,” The Paranoias, have unveiled a music video for their newest single, “Felicity 2.” About as unholy as it is frisky, the song is undoubtedly the most endearing attempt you’ll hear at waiting for someone who’s already taken. Primarily sung in Spanish through singer Ralf Velazquez’s playful crooning, there’s an unmistakable charm for the twinkly rhythms and laidback guitar-drum backings. If that wasn’t enough, the brass instruments at the end of the track make for a pleasant addition to the band’s already expansive catalog thus far.

Velazquez admits that “‘Felicity 2’ has been in our Catalog for years now, but it never felt finished; whether it be the lyrics, melody or idea as a whole.” For such a lively and simplistic song, that might seem surprising to hear. But considering the band first released their debut album back in 2014, it’s safe to say they’ve locked down on their, at times, skittish take on ska music.

The video is equally absurd as it sees a priest attempting to flirt with a nun by passing notes like a pubescent schoolboy. Conceptualized by director Jazmin Aguilar, it matches The Paranoias and their admittedly goofy sense of humor that is ever present in their lyrics. My favorite line is, without a doubt, “I’m feeling like Jim Carrey, take my mask off, it’s the real me.” Moments like those keep the levity and spirit of Latin ska alive, where the music encourages you not to take it seriously and have a good time.

Words: David Sosa

Watch the music video for “Felicity 2” on The Paranoias YouTube page. You can keep up with the band on their Instagram, and website.

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