LovexLies Rails Against the “Venom” of Another Toxic Lover on New Single and Music Video


LovexLies (a.k.a. Joshua Golden) has shared a music video for his new bass-shuddering single “Venom.” Produced by IAmCharlieAnderson, the intoxicating track is a synth-twisted anthem of virulent electronics. It’s also the third single LovexLies has dropped this year, completing his little trilogy of toxic love songs that started with previous releases “Blackout” and “Lovers Beware.”

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On “Venom,” LovexLies find themselves being pulled back into a relationship they know they shouldn’t be returning to. But as the bass thunders down and blistering melodics turn reason to ash — there’s very little room for self-control. “I know that I should run away as fast as I can,” he drones in the song’s opening lines before succumbing (“Your toxic energy feels like a remedy”).

Over the slashing intrusions of distorted vocals, LovexLies disappears into a mess of contradictions as they try to escape the clawing clutches of their toxic lover. “Venom” mirrors that sentiment with its dually concussive and enrapturing sonics — which are not easily escaped.

But the music video for “Venom,” directed by Callen Golden, really brings to life the waking nightmare fantasy that LovexLies find themselves stuck inside. As it begins we see the artist awaking in two surreal locations: the first an empty desert dune and the second a dark room. Tied to a chair, it’s not long before the manifestations of those toxic demons appear.

But then it cuts back to him stranded in the desert — struggling and crawling around in the heat — serving as a sharp reminder that this love is far more bitter than it is sweet. Yet by the end of the video, it’s clear that LovexLies has completely caved. With the help of some seriously eerie lighting and stunning glow-in-the-dark paint, the video for “Venom” is a strikingly cinematic visual for the hair-raising nature of LovexLies song to play out in.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for the new single “Venom” from LovexLies below!

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