Yuna the singer in pink

Singer Yuna rounds off a busy 2022 build-up, culminating with the release of her latest album, Y5, with a music video for “Can’t Get Over You.” Based in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, Y5 comes ten years after her folk-inspired debut album, which feels like a far cry to her most recent work despite still sounding unique to her style. Meanwhile, “Can’t Get Over You” is a sultry sleepwalk of a song that firmly places Yuna in the alternative R&B zeitgeist.

Much like other songs off the album, the song is a mellow slow jam pronounced by heavy 808s and a dreamy piano at the beginning. Admittedly, Yuna’s music frequently surrounds an unmistakable dream atmosphere echoed in the lyrics through lines like “Been dreaming about us” and “All this time am I dreaming?” It’s an approach that compliments her take on 90s-era R&B and soul inflicted with modern pop production sensibilities.

The music video, as simple as it is, captures the vibe of the song through colorful and vacant backdrops. Yuna is dressed in some admittedly great outfits, bringing her own personality into the mix. The same is true for her music, which isn’t necessarily revolutionary or reinventing R&B but shows off an eccentric flair that makes her stand out alongside a rather crowded group of contemporaries.

Words: David Sosa

Y5 is out now on all streaming services. You can watch the new music video for “Can’t Get Over You” below. Stay up to date with new music from Yuna through her Instagram, Twitter, and website.