Yuna 2022
Photo Credit: Adam Sinclair

Critically acclaimed alt-R&B artist Yuna shares her new three-track project, Y3 in addition to a summery new music video for the single “Risk It All.” This is the third release from Yuna this year; all three releases are of a five-part series that will lead to a full-length album due out this fall, titled Y5.


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Y3 features the singles “Don’t Wanna Know” a lovelorn tale about not wanting to accept the reality that the person you’re into isn’t into you; “Risk It All,” a tranquil summer tune perfect for chilling out alone or by the beach; and “Summer Love,” a decadent single as sweet as your favorite dessert. All three tracks move with a laid back and relaxing pace, enriched by Yuna’s soulful vocals that croon over the easygoing tunes.

The music video for “Risk It All” sees Yuna enjoying the spoils of summer in Malibu, an intimate and endearing depiction filmed and directed by her husband, Adam Sinclair. As Sinclair follows Yuna through moments of peace, a sense of calm washes over her, elevating the track’s harmonious nature.

“It’s a love song I wrote about my personal experience of having a great chemistry with someone from the first day we met, and knowing that this could really go somewhere” says Yuna. “It’s about being secure in moving forward with this person and knowing you’d risk it all for this one true love.”

Of her upcoming album Y5, Yuna notes it is partially a celebration of 10 years in the music industry with multiple critically-acclaimed studio albums and an impressive list of collaborations from Zedd to Usher and Pharrell William. The album also reflects time spent during the pandemic in her home town of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There, Yuna expanded on her skills, transforming her father’s office into a studio and teaching herself to produce; the result of which sparked the innovative release format for her new music that allows her fans more time to take in and process the new material.

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Taking control of her music, staying true to her identity and remaining unwavering in her efforts, Yuna’s Y3, and remaining releases coming up this year, denote an artist in full bloom, sowing and reaping the fruits of her labor.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Yuna, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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