Artists You Should Know: Lauren Juzang Creates Spellbinding Mixes of R&B and Folk on New Single “Yeehoo!”

Lauren Juzang
Photo by Eric Ticse

California-born singer/songwriter Lauren Juzang continues to follow up on the release of her debut EP HAHAHHAHA with a string of singles, the latest of which is the lilting folk ditty “Yeehoo!” At 19 years old the currently Syracuse-based artist (she’s currently a student in the Bandier Program at Syracuse University) creates music aflush with tender warmth and intimate lyricism. Her mingling of genres occurs instantaneously and effortlessly — with her diary of words creating their own ebbing rhythm.


Tucked within the winding poetics and ruminating instrumentals of “Yeehoo!” Juzang records her impressions of falling in love. “I found Jesus in the backseat of your car / Goddamn it’s older than you are,” she coos. There’s something devotional, hymn-like about the way Juzang recalls these fuzzy moments of quiet passion — “Well who needs religion when I’ve got you to believe in?”

“It describes the little moments when falling in love when there’s nothing you can do about it,”
Juzang said of the song. “It’s fairy-like, sort of in the way falling in love is. It’s my favorite
thing I’ve made, and I still get the same feeling listening to it as the day I wrote it.”


Tenderhearted to a fault Juzang captures the brief idealized beauty of falling in love with “Yeehoo!” One that hinges quite a bit on the acoustic riff that rolls just beyond her raspily ethereal vocals. One that was first devised by her co-writer Gabe Yaron before Juzang brought it to producer Jason Vance Harris. The result is a folksy ballad that contains some of the best bits of Juzang’s artistry, from her elegant emotional illustrations to her enthralling melodies.

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“Yeehoo!” serves as the first single from Juzang’s upcoming sophomore EP. She recently collaborated with aloe.401 and Prettyboyworldwyde on the track “Best Behavior,” a dreamily funky collision of R&B and hip-hop that only speaks further to her eclectic talents.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Yeehoo!” the new single from Lauren Juzang below!

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