Bands You Should Know: Brighton Rockers Lambrini Girls Come Out Swinging on New Single “Help Me I’m Gay!”

Lambrini Girls

Brighton-based Lambrini Girls have shared a new track “Help Me I’m Gay,” a frantic and raging new anthem from a band that you’ll no doubt be hearing about everywhere real soon. And while the fiery trio might take inspiration from explosive bands like Bikini Kill, they are far from a rehash from the riot grrrl-era. With just two prior singles out — which include their songs “Homewrecker” and “Big Dick Energy” — the rabid punk outfit is here to rock your world topsy-turvy.


On “Help Me I’m Gay,” the trio dodge brutalizing riffs and inane percussion as they howl away at an anthem aimed at people who continue to belittle the queer community. “Help me I’m gay / Yet everything I do is for the male gaze,” they rip roar at the beginning of the track. Highlighting all the ways people who aren’t even queer project themselves onto the community and the individuals a part of it. Hammering away at all the superficial and ignorant two cents they’re given with their grueling guitar sonics.


And it’s not just complete strangers or narcissistic straight men who join in either. With a bit of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm but with no less acerbic wit, Lambrini Girls take aim at mom and dad too (“Hey mum, why haven’t I had a boyfriend? / Maybe it’s because I’m potentially a lesbian”). While also ripping apart Freud for his tunnel-vision view of daddy issues — which contain a blatant blindspot in regards to queer folks.

“This song is about the trivialisation of queer people,” the band said of the single. “Shag whoever you want, don’t let anyone put you in a box and if you do ever find yourself in one, then know you can shag your way out of it.”

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Be sure to listen to Lambrini Girls’ previous singles: the noisily cantankerous “Homewrecker” and the erratically post-punk takedown of “Big Dick Energy” and the way it still props up straight males.

Visit Lambrini Girls on their Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Help Me I’m Gay” the new single from Lambrini Girls below!

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