Boys World make performance debut in Hollywood

Boys World by Asha Moné
Photos by Asha Moné

It’s been some time since a girl group has popped on the scene in America. Long gone are the days of Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, and the Spice Girls, but KYN Entertainment may be able to revamp the Tik Tok generation’s American interest with the all-girl group, Boys World.


Fans and family gathered at an intimate location in Hollywood to see Boys World first public debut. The night was coined “not a rehearsal, not quite a showcase.” This is a fitting title due to them having to halt normal musical promotions due to the pandemic although they were formed in 2019.

From the moment I was welcomed into the building and walked on the red carpet floors, the night felt super nostalgic for me. As a child of the 90’s I still remember seeing artist debut at malls across America as my mom took me to Limited Too and Claires after school.

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The atmosphere for Boys World was spot on. Although we were at a soundstage, eager fans were still dressed in the y2k style fuzzy shirts and they held their gel covered sparkle diaries in hopes of getting autographs. I watched as some brought roses to the girls’ moms and giggled in groups about their favorite songs. There even was a moment where I watched some fans make a compilation video of their favorite dance moves.

I asked a young person next to me, “What drew you to Boys World?”

“I’m from the generation of the big girl groups and I see this is lacking in the industry. There hasn’t been a group that is dynamic, eye-catching and dedicated to both singing and dancing to come out in years. The girls (Boys World) deserve more eyes on them.”

Boys World by Asha Moné
Photos by Asha Moné

And I must say, that he is right. From the moment they touched the stage, Boys World was all that and then some. They embodied the Y2K esthetic of yesteryear. Everyone had a place and there was never a moment where I felt one girl outshone the other. There was a balance and I loved that.

Elana Caceres, Lillian Kay, Queenie Mae, Makhyli Simpson, and Olivia Ruby make up KYN Entertainment’s Boys World. Found through social media, these girls have been able to create a social media buzz and create a loyal fanbase even without having many if any in-person shows. Watching the fans sing all the words to their songs and even the words to their unreleased tracks showed their up-and-coming strength.

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Boys World has a lot of potential. Their debut song “Girlfriend” is a nostalgia filled girl power song , chanting “You know girls stan girlfriends over boyfriends,” that could be easily compared to the Spice Girl’s “Wannabe.”

Their summer release “So What” is a vibrant pop jam that blends that classic boyband/girl group feel perfectly, especially seeing them perform it on stage.

“Mantrums,” an unreleased track that we got to hear in full at the showcase. It will more than likely be all over Tik Tok when they drop it.

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Generation Z needs a group like this. Not only are they sonically appealing, but they show a variety of representation that young girls can relate and see themselves. Boys World have social media and all the mistakes of past groups on their side. They already interact with their fans and seeing their moms in attendance as well as hearing them speak on how they’re bound to each other eased my heart as I sent well wishes for their future.

I have a lot of hope for Boys World. 

P.S.: A fan brought up that he would love to see what kind of music they would make with someone like Teyana Taylor and I have to put that out into the internet because I think it could be magical. 

Photos & Words by Asha Moné