Pop Singer/Songwriter GRIPPA Raises “Hell” on New Single and Music Video


Singer/songwriter and rising pop artist GRIPPA is back with another single and music video for “Hell,” the latest release to preview her upcoming debut EP which is due out this year. Taking cues from some of her influences — which include Lady Gaga and Doja Cat — her music bursts with this ecstatic theatricality that only ever seems to find true fruition through such explosive pop. And that’s exactly what GRIPPA offers up on her latest single.


On the surface, “Hell” is a vehement breakup anthem that spills out in catharsis all the justified anger that wells up in the aftermath. One that’s set to the tune of a highly combustible collection of bristling cries and concussive beats. But the first half of the song is a slow-burning fuse to its finale, which transforms this upbeat rock confessional into an electronica rager. A brilliant genre switch-up that thunders in climax just before fading back out onto GRIPPA’s scorching cries.

“Don’t call me insecure / Cause I don’t want you anymore,” GRIPPA bites right from the get-go. The song dives into all the ways their ex has lied and twisted their image to paint themselves as the good guy. But GRIPPA cuts through all that while also wearing the biggest smile on her face — since she’s so far moved on and he’s still caught running around trying to salvage his ego.


The music video for “Hell” imagines this back and forth as a man having a horrible, no good, very bad day that’s caused by GRIPPA herself. Using a ouija board and voodoo doll she sends all her distaste and bad energy his way, which leads to some pretty hilariously unfortunate incidents. First, it’s a parking ticket, then his car doesn’t start, then their phone is lost when the car they place it on drives off, and finally, the cherry (or shit) on top arrives when it’s dropped on them by a passing bird. It’s a playful but no less sincere imagining of exactly the kind of day you’d want someone who wronged you to at the very least endure.

“YX and I wanted to do a song that was different from the rest of them that one was more upbeat and aggressive incorporating a rock element,” GRIPPA said of the single. “The whole EP was based off a real breakup and this song is when you start to get mad after all the sad you went through and you start to wish that the other person goes through the same thing that you did. The music video plays off this idea where the ex ends up having the day from hell where everything goes wrong.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Hell” the new single from GRIPPA below!

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