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LA singer-songwriter Taleen Kali’s latest single, “Tomorrow Girl,” arrives as the newest teaser before their newest album Flower of Life arrives in March. Coming as the fourth single, “Tomorrow Girl” is a brush of romanticism and cautious uncertainty swirled in a shoegaze fuzz of color. After a long series of releases, Kali seems to be more than ready for the album unveiling with a release show on March 3 at the Moroccan Lounge in downtown Los Angeles, among other upcoming sets later that month.

Functioning as a song where, in Kali’s words, “the subject of the song is [either] a love interest or if it’s the narrator having an inner conflict,” there’s a real sense that she is manifold in her capabilities. In a grunge attitude, she can ride the swirling instruments reminiscent of early Ride and Slowdive without fading into the background. Instead, their vocals boom in your ears at the same volume as the guitars, making for a more intimate record.

The overall song also holds its own compared to musical genres from the 90s, proving Kali and their band aren’t just a rehash of music we’ve all heard. Like the other singles, they bring something new to the table without sacrificing what made those shoegaze and grunge acts unique.

Of course, Kali themself is not just a musician. On top of owning the label they release their music through and a zine by the same name, it’s not hard to see why the need to change is the primary subject matter of the track. She isn’t one to stay the same; constantly reimagining her image in new and exciting ways for the music world and other outside ventures.

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Words: David Sosa

“Tomorrow Girl” and other singles off Taleen Kali’s forthcoming album Flower of Life are available on all streaming services.

Tickets for Kali and her band’s live shows in March, including an album release at the Moroccan Lounge, can be found on her website. Stay up to date with more music through Kali’s Instagram and Twitter.