German DJ and artist BUNT. has released a new single titled “Clouds” (feat. Nate Traveller), the latest release since he dropped his debut Folktales last year. His folk house creations are the direct result of the exceptional influence that the late Avicii had on him both before and after he started making music. But BUNT. (a.k.a. Levi Wijk) also draws inspiration from a titanic group of EDM giants from Justice and Basement Jaxx to Swedish House Mafia. And that eclecticism is nowhere as prominent as in the far-flung and globe-spanning collection of artists he collaborates with for songs.

His newest single features a song by Traveller called “You,” with BUNT. explaining on Instagram he’d discovered it on an early morning train ride. Decidedly obsessed with the song and especially the “take it easy” line, which he started tweaking and “stretched it as hell” to create the “long ‘eeeeeea’ and ‘syyyyyy part.'” The result was “Clouds,” an absorbing electronic track that BUNT. elongates like a beam of light hitting lightspeed. Where gleaming keys thrum loudly alongside the distorted vocals and oscillating beats, edging the whole song to its every euphoric drop.

After playing around with his rework of the song BUNT. posted it to his TikTok where it dully exploded. And there’s something to be said about how the artist’s reworks and creations invoke early EDM in a way that’s exceptionally refreshing. Just like the massive icons that inspired him, “Clouds” hypnotizes with its impossible-to-resist and tempestuous electronic soundscapes. But it also speaks to the talent with which BUNT. conjures up with such ingenuity from mere pieces of Traveller’s original song. A reminder that at its best and most original, EDM music has the ability to create seemingly limitless aural worlds out of any song.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Clouds” the new single from BUNT. featuring Nate Traveller below!