Matilda Mann

London artist Matilda Mann is back with new music with the release of the single and lyric video for “Borderline Insane” (feat. spill tab). It’s the first taste of new music from the steadily rising talent, following a prolific two years that saw her release her debut EP Sonder in 2021 and followed it up with a flurry of singles shared throughout last year. And Mann intends to keep the current of new music flowing well into this year.

On her latest release “Borderline Insane,” she joins forces with singer/songwriter spill tab and producer Oscar Scheller to create a delightfully rollicking indie-rock track. One that playfully explores the maddening frustration that Mann sometimes has when trying to decide on an outfit for a date — tossing all her clothes onto the floor and overthinking everything in search of the perfect combination.

“I changed my outfit one too many times / Every whisp of hair is out of line,” she drones between the heavy whine of guitars thundering behind her. As Mann and spill tab trade vocals across the song’s manic melody the song starts to embody all the paradoxical ways a new love can both drive you insane and make you so blissfully happy. With their beautifully layered vocals digging into further disbelief at the fact their love interest is somehow not as paralyzed as they are (“How do you say the things you say out loud?”)

The lyric video for “Borderline Insane” captures all the whimsical mania and vibrancy of the song. As two drawn animations of Mann and spill tab sit like rag dolls against the wall of a bedroom, clothes strewn across the floor, the words of the song appear against the window behind them.

“‘Borderline Insane’ is about those times when you have no idea what to wear for a date and everything keeps going wrong and you look crazy cause you’re slightly going crazy!” Mann said of the single. “And while I’ve overthought every tiny detail, my date sat there looking perfect without even trying.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the lyric video for “Borderline Insane” the new single from Matilda Mann featuring spill tab.