Steady Holiday Tries To Find “The Balance” on Mesmerizing New Single and Music Video

Steady Holiday
Photo by Isaac Ravishankara

Steady Holiday has unveiled another song and video from her upcoming new album Newfound Oxygen, sharing the meditative and lush new single “The Balance.” They’ve also announced an album release show that will take place at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles on Mar. 15 which is without a doubt a show you won’t want to miss. Steady Holiday ended 2022 with the release of the lead single “Can’t Find A Way” and a beyond-magical performance at Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater (where she premiered a number of new songs live including “The Balance.”) Now they’re back with a new song and video that once more brings to vivid life the elucidations that swirl within the mind of Dre Babinski.


On “The Balance,” Babinski delivers a mantra of reminders to keep her grounded through all of life’s ups and downs. Against the vivace patter of drums and a single groovy guitar, she mulls over the ways she once took time for granted and the “trainwreck” aftermath of a relationship long ended. But rather than get stuck in the despondency that so naturally emanates from such experiences, Steady Holiday always manages to find the sunnier side. Which in reality is just a hardwon, stalwart faith in herself.

“My dreams they would haunt me a lifetime ago / Now I’ll climb a mountain with plenty of rope,” Babinski coos against the song’s jovial and twinkling melody. “Because dreams without failure never happen.” According to the singer/songwriter, the song is one about “learning from mistakes, setting boundaries and knowing your limitations. It contains a lot of universal truths that I needed to remind myself of when I wrote it, not necessarily ones I live by. It’s aspirational in that way.”


As if Steady Holiday’s ever-sublime and affectionate music needed to be any more mesmeric, the music video for “The Balance” is a truly beautiful visualization of the song’s themes. Directed once more by Isaac Ravishankara, the film sees Babinski standing atop the precipice of a seaside cliff staring down at a large and cavernous hole in the cliffs below (a homage to the cliff scenes in both “Pride and Prejudice” and “Thelma and Louise”).

From there it cuts to a home video-style montage as Babinski attempts to prepare herself physically and psychologically for the jump. Amidst practicing some personal wellness she also answers an ad in the paper for those trying to “LEARN BALANCE.” But it’s the final absolutely stunning shot of the film that you’re left with after your first viewing, as Babinski jumps in a gravity-defying freefall into the hole below.

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Newfound Oxygen the new album from Steady Holiday is out on Feb. 17. You can pre-order it here. And don’t miss their performance at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles on March 15 for their album release show!

Visit Steady Holiday on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “The Balance” the new single from Steady Holiday below!

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