Artists You Need To Know: Indie-Pop Singer/Songwriter Brye Pens Anthem Against “Diet Culture” On New Single


Chicago indie-pop artist Brye has shared a new single with the release of “Diet Culture,” an emphatic anthem that addresses the ways our society exacerbates people’s struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. It’s the first single they’ve shared in the new year, though they’ve been steadily releasing new singles since her debut track “Million Songs” back in 2019. Since then Brye has inhabited an area of indie-pop occupied by her very inspirations dodie and Oh Wonder. Their music is defined by its airy but powerful melodics as much as it is by the singer/songwriter’s luminous vocals.


In Brye’s latest single “Diet Culture,” they punctuate their takedown and illumination of the adverse effects of such a culture with anxious patters of percussion. “And I know their worst fear is to look like me / And that fact makes me want to kill somebody,” they sing over the scattered beats. In a lot of ways, the song reveals just how much we inadvertently inflict pain on one another in our unconscious perpetuation of unhealthy (physically and mentally) body standards and eating practices.

Instead of promoting individual health and wellness, often we idealize unrealistically narrow-minded images of those goals. As the song continues, the vibrant beats coalesce around Brye’s words of inspiration and confidence: “If my body is a vessel / I will give it what it needs.” Ultimately, the song is visceral introspection about the effects of shaming people because of their weight or the shape of their bodies, and how to find the resilience to such ignorance.


Self-described as a “professional cry baby,” the music of Brye finds intense catharsis in both her poetic lyricism and soul-soothing melodies. They started writing music as early as 12 years old and just two years later started exploring music production, an early start that allowed them to hone their sound into what it is today.

With their beautifully lilting vocals, which float alluringly in the gusts of instrumentation that fill her yearning and raw pop ballads. If you enjoyed their latest single “Diet Culture” then you absolutely need to take a stroll through the rest of their songs, starting with last year’s “Shapeshifter” and previously released “I’d Rather Be Alone.” And be sure to keep an eye out for their eventual debut EP/LP which can’t be too far off!

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Diet Culture” the new single from Brye below!

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