Artists You Should Know: Nico Losada Tends A Flourishing Garden of Latin Rhythms on New Single “Mañanas”

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Photo by Jesse Bronstein

Brooklyn-based artist Nico Losada has shared a fourth single titled “Mañanas” from their upcoming debut album Nueva Generación which arrives on March 31st via Ultra. Even if this is your first time listening to his solo work chances are you’ve come across his music before. Prior to recent endeavors, Losada released three EPs and an album as one part of the duo Salt Cathedral with fellow Bogotá-born bandmate Juliana Ronderos. He’s also produced and written for artists like Big Freeda (whom he also collaborated with as Salt Cathedral) and Little Jesus.


Losada’s musical interests coalesce around one purpose: to create irresistibly insatiable dance music that crisscrosses boundaries of music until he’s synthesized something beautifully volatile and new. His newest single “Mañanas” is a dizzying example of that goal in both melody and spirit. Out of the spiraling layers of guitar plucks, strums, and riffs that tumble out of the song Losada strings together a rhythm more delirious than the sum of its manic parts.

“With ‘Mañanas’ I was combining all these euphoric musical elements into one song,” Losada explained. “The cumbia rhythm, the joyful singing, and my personal fun playing with the guitar.” That euphoria starts to spill over about a minute-and-a-half into the track, as the paced patter of hand claps starts to draw out the singer/songwriter’s ebbing vocals, which bounce energetically along to the rhythmic instrumentation (and darting samples of gaita flutes).


Warmed by all the radiant textures that clamor near its end, “Mañanas” is a splendid mix of Latin American rhythms like cumbia and Afro-Colombian bullerengue. You can find similar soundscapes to occupy on the rest of the singles Losada has shared off of Nueva Generación. There are the hypnotic revolutions of “La Monita” that echo against twinklingly resonant percussion and “Waking Love,” a fiery dance track built around Ronderos’ enchanting lyricism.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Mañanas” the new single from Nico Losada below!

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