Artists You Should Know: Shane Garcia Faces Off With “Evil Twin” On New Single

Shane Garcia
Photo by Janelle Brosnan

Rising 26-year-old alt-pop artist Shane Garcia has dropped another sizzling single with the release of “Evil Twin,” a concussive deep dive into her struggles with mania. Even if this is your first time hearing the New York-born singer/songwriter, it won’t take long to pinpoint where artists like Amy Winehouse or MARINA have influenced her music. But Garcia also seems to effortlessly shoulder the very same air of bewitching drama and voracious honesty that made her idols so enthralling themselves.


In “Evil Twin” she paints a kind of surreal self-portrait drawn from a persona that Garcia appears to have little control of. On the whole, the track weaves a slightly nightmarish image of her own bouts with manic episodes. “Woke up this morning, with scars on my knees,” she murmurs at the song’s opening. According to Garcia, her moments of mania were self-destructive in nature, which led to just as much mental scarring as it would physical.

“I wrote this song with various experiences in mind from my own benders,” Garcia said of the single. “I’ve had struggles with mental health, specifically bouts of mania that led to self-destructive decisions. By the end of those long nights and days when I was able to finally pull myself together, I felt like I wasn’t even in control. It was almost as if I was another person, an evil twin.”


Although the song is enveloped in a dark alt-pop atmosphere riddled with oscillating beats, everything that’s potent about “Evil Twin” comes from Garcia herself. From the measured, pacing stroll of her words (which narrate her interactions with her invisible companion like it’s some indie psych-horror film) to the raspy allure that radiates from her vocals.

But it’s also Garcia’s ability to pen a compellingly intimate track about mental health experiences in a way that’s both spellbinding and unnerving in the same breath. Amidst the static bursts and electronic chaos of “Evil Twin,” if there’s anything that sticks, it’s the hypnotic paradox of wanting to escape your own mind. A point that’s driven home in almost every line of the song — though nowhere more than when she bitterly remarks: “She makes the bed that I’m sleeping in.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Evil Twin” the new single from Shane Garcia below!

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