Artists You Should Know: Laeland Looks Back on Love Lost with Lo-Fi Single “Just Give Me Something”

Laeland 2023 press photo
Laeland – Photo by Antwon Hatfield

During the latter half of the 2010s, a burgeoning subgenre of hip-hop called “sad rap” started gaining traction on websites like SoundCloud and YouTube. For Mississippi-born artist Laeland, there are still new heights for the genre to reach on his latest single, “Just Give Me Something.” In collaboration with producer Boy Nobody and fellow Stay Inside Collective member Snøw, he illustrates the continued failure of a doomed romance through introspective lyrics spotlighted by the lullaby lo-fi trap beat. The single comes as the first off his upcoming EP Love Is Killing U, Vol. 1, due March 3, which should deliver more suitable tracks for the sad and lonely judging by the title.

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Born Bradley Davis, he first devoted himself to music during his upbringing performing as part of his high school choir back in Mississippi. Not long after, he began creating his own music under the name Laeland, an acronym for Let’s All Embrace Life And Never Die. His name also functions as a motto for the life he leads, something that’s abundantly apparent through his emotionally heavy music. His subject matter often explores the woes of relationships and loneliness, serving as the primary forces behind “Just Give Me Something.”

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Led by a lone acoustic guitar over production from Boy Nobody, Davis goes through the pitfalls of a one-sided relationship painfully yet effortlessly. The chorus quickly infects through Davis and Snøw’s harmonizing, sounding angelic when layered on top of each other. And even though Davis delivers catchy verses, the track is unafraid of using the trap beat as more of a means to an end rather than a genre constraint. Instead, he lets the lyrics dictate where the music goes regarding emotional resonance.


Of course, his collaborators are to thank for following his lead on the track’s direction. But Davis exudes an emotional maturity in his understanding of what works best for the song and what doesn’t, considering how every aspect of “Just Give Me Something” pairs together so well. He’s already shown considerable evolution from his beginnings in 2018 to now, and he’s sure to grow more as an artist if he remains in control of his music as much as he does now.

Words: David Sosa

You can listen to “Just Give Me Something” and Laeland’s previous singles on all streaming services. For information on his new EP and potential live performances, follow him on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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