Artists You Should Know: Alé Araya Extends Dance Music Across All Genres on New Single and Video “Earth Angel”

Alé Araya 2023 press photo
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In the past two years, songwriter and producer Alé Araya quickly garnered attention after contributing to musicians ranging from hip-hop to electronic music. But behind the scenes, she was honing in on her music career and expanding her reach past a collaborator for other musicians. Now at the forefront, she’s gearing up for her March 24th debut album in visions by displaying her wide variety of musical inspirations on the single “Earth Angel.” While the list of genres is expansive, Araya most distinctly pulls from Latin and pop for the electronic dance track. Complete with a playful music video Araya co-directed, “Earth Angel” proves there’s plenty to go around for anyone looking to dance their hearts out.


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At the age of 5, she started playing the piano through encouragement from her parents and quickly picked up multiple instruments year after year. Though classically trained in jazz and having years of experience playing in various bands, Araya’s multicultural background as an LA native of a Chilean immigrant informed her interest in multiple musical styles early on.


“Earth Angel” highlights some of these wide-ranging tastes, clearly infusing the electronic track with Latin inflictions that keep the energy high. The resulting sound falls between house music and bedroom pop, where Araya emerges as an impressive producer who holds her own as a singer on the track’s softly mellow vocals.

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The visuals similarly bring a DIY feel to Araya’s career thus far, not the least because she herself played a large part in directing and conceptualizing much of her artistic direction. Accompanied by large groups, she and her friends dance freely throughout multiple locations. Eccentric editing between the varying settings ensures a vibrant video, complimenting the track’s message of communal comradery. But considering “Earth Angel” is one song that already evokes so many music genres all at once, Araya’s debut project should be an equally satisfying smorgasbord of creativity and good vibes.

Words: David Sosa

“Earth Angel” by Alé Araya is available now on all streaming services. To stay connected with Araya and any potential releases or tour dates, follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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