Artists You Should Know: JakoJako Provides a Peace of Mind with New Piece “Opak” Off Upcoming EP “Verve”

JakoJako 2023 press photo
Photo by Marco Krueger

When vocals are not in the picture, it might be difficult for ambient-electronic artists to distinguish themselves from other lone figures in rooms surrounded by walls of synthesizers. JakoJako does just that, proving she can create entire ecosystems in one song on her latest release, “Opak.” Based in Berlin, Sibel Koçer began making waves because of her live shows all over Europe. But offstage, she can conjure vivid images with the help of her modular synths and take the listener into worlds beyond comprehension. The extent of her capabilities has yet to unveil until her EP Verve releases on March 24.


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Right off the bat, “Opak” shifts into gears with an uncanny drum pattern that sounds like a paddle ball repeatedly hitting the board or a bag of marbles falling onto the floor. It carries all throughout the track, even when the subtle shifts in the composition make the experience a seemingly continuous loop constantly building. Other elements of the production also leave a lasting impact, albeit less frequently. Both the pulsating bass and swaying sounds scattered in the background oscillate in and out of “Opak” without warning, serving as guides when the track smoothly transitions into new territory.

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And that’s the main attraction of Koçer’s music: the ability to hypnotize into a hypnagogic state through calming and otherworldly sonic textures, all while sounding uniquely her. Admittedly, electronic music is far easier to distinguish than a genre like jazz, where there are only so many instruments in rotation for variation. But even then, Koçer makes the most out of a few ingredients. Her resourcefulness was most apparent on her debut album Metamorphos, released last year on top of a collaborative project with fellow Berlin DJ Rødhåd. Considering “Opak” already shows promise, the rest of the EP should show further potential in JakoJako’s career, locally and internationally.


Words: David Sosa

JakoJako’s new EP Verve is set to release on March 24. “Opak” is now available on all streaming services, watch and stream it below.

For more updates on JakoJako, including her European tour, check out her Instagram, SoundCloud, and Linktree.

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