Bands You Should Know: Telehealth Recycle Familiar Genres for the Modern Day on New Video “Do the In Between” ― Announce Debut Album ‘Content Oscillator’ for March

Telehealth 2023 press photo
Photo by Mikayla Neves

In a kaleidoscope of eclectic inspirations, synth-pop band Telehealth throws everything into a psychedelic melting pop on their second single, “Do the In Between.” Accompanied by an appropriately trippy music video by visual artist Amelia Jarvinen, the Seattle band’s sound calls back to a wide variety of influences from post-punk to glam rock and everything in between.


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“Do the In Between” continues to subvert expectations of what a pop band is supposed to sound like, all while satirizing media consumption in a unique and infectious approach to indie music. And while “Do the In Between” is only their second song to date, the band is already setting their eyes on the March 31 release of their debut album, Content Oscillator.


Although connecting the dots to their influences might seem easy, the band consistently finds another method of repurposing. Frontman Alexander Attitude, who initially quit music for architecture, is perhaps the most obvious example. His baritone voice resembles new wave singers like David Byrne and Bernard Sumner, but his direction is very much his own, and instead, he comes off as Ian Curtis with a sense of humor.

The rest of the band effortlessly combines the 80s electronic side of the production with the gothic post-punk instruments that drive the track forward in an excited and hectic manner. As closely related as the sounds may be, to take both sides of new wave music and make them sound complementary to one another is a feat all on its own.

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Rather than simply being another music video, Jarvinen takes the paper cutouts seen in the visuals and stretches them to the farthest extremities of the human imagination. And when the art operates on the same wavelength as the music, the holistic release proves to be an impressive output. Telehealth both sound as if they have something to say and nothing to add to the white noise of the music world. That’s perhaps their greatest strength. With a devil-may-care attitude, the only thing left to do is let yourself go and have fun.

Words: David Sosa

The music video for “Do the In Between” by Telehealth is out on all streaming services. For more info on album news and tour dates, follow Telehealth on Bandcamp, Instagram, and Twitter.

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