Bands You Should Know: Dark Bardo is Free With a “Wild Thought” on Debut Sun-Kissed Single feat. Shungudzo

Dark Bardo 2023 press photo

While the newly-formed alternative pop duo Dark Bardo might be new to everyone, their shared experience working in the music industry is fully displayed on their first release, “Wild Thought.” Composed of music composer Filip Mitrovic and music producer Andy Baldwin, who’s worked with artists like Donald Glover and Björk, respectively, their colorful sound is a wide-spanning palette of wonder-filled inspirations and sunny instrumentation. Featuring Zimbabwean-American singer Shungudzo, “Wild Thought” makes use of a distinctly Western cowboy flick aesthetic and succinctly applies it to an easygoing attitude.


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Right from the jump, the sound of a decrepit piano soon expands into an entire orchestra of varying instruments that prove Mitrovic and Baldwin know exactly what they’re doing. It’s rare to hear an artist or band with such a wide array of instruments already at their disposal, but the resulting song is anything but inept or poorly produced.

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“This has a very different sound, much brighter and more open, which created ‘slapier,’ more trebly reflections,” said Mitrovic and Baldwin. Bright is the keyword here. Whether it’s the Sergio Leone-inspired horns or the grand cinematic conclusion of electrifying synths, strings, and child-backing vocals, every instrument is stretched to its fullest potential.

Shungudzo adds a whole new depth to the track, whose presence in the surrealist music video and ability to ride on the beat with no problems and certainly no worries adds to the joyous nature of the track. She perfectly matches the overall aura of “Wild Thought” and clearly understands what Mitrovic and Baldwin wanted for their first single.


“‘Everything will be ok’ is also the one phrase that helps me most when I’m having a hard time,” Shungudzo said on the track’s message. “It’s not an offer to fix what is wrong for me, but rather a comforting reminder that I have the power to fix it for myself.”

If Dark Bardo aims to continue making songs ready to be played under a shining sun, then summer can’t come any sooner.

Words: David Sosa

Listen to “Wild Thought” by Dark Bardo on all streaming services. Visit their Instagram and YouTube for news on future releases.

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