Artists You Should Know: Enamor Yourself With FILLY’s Bedroom Pop On New Single “Safe With Me” (feat. Golden Vessel)


FILLY creates kinetically vibrant bedroom pop and their latest single “Safe With Me” (feat. Golden Vessel) is going to find itself perpetually on repeat in your ears. They currently only have a handful of tracks out right now which includes a sublime debut EP titled Spinning. But the buoyancy and engrossing hooks that fill their songs make them hard to pull away from — an effect that’s owed just as much to FILLY’s gleaming vocals and lyrics dripping with radiant sentimentality.


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On their latest release “Safe With Me” they’re joined by Golden Vessel (who produced the track alongside Matthias Oldofredi), lending their baritone-voiced bars to the song’s rapid sonics. Over the blitzing tones of synths and drum machines FILLY professes a tenderhearted hope for intimacy and trust. The music video for the single, directed by Dominik Galleya, sees FILLY and Golden Vessel performing the track while wandering around an urban park. Filmed like a homevideo it projects all the earnest nostalgia that’s sparked by their music — as well as no small amount of melancholy as FILLY sits atop a vibrantly colored inflatable cushion alone in a field.


But on their Spinning EP the songs are melodically capacious and exuberant. Take for instance its title track, which speeds along against a medley of dreamy pop excitement in the form of a glittery fanfare punctuated by concussive beats. Then there’s “Best Friend,” a quietly twinkling lullaby that grows into another cavernously resounding collection of anxious beats and ryhthms as FILLY pines over memories of a close friend. While on “Motorola” — their first single ever released — they crank up the dial on tempo and electropop fantasia that emphasizes the sheer versatility of FILLY’s sound. You’re going to have one if not all of these songs stuck in your head like an ethused earworm for a quite a while.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Safe With Me” and “Spinning” as well as other new music from FILLY below!

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