Suki Waterhouse Gives A Rapt Plea “To Love” On New Single

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Suki Waterhouse by Tom Mitchell

Suki Waterhouse is back with a new single — initially meant for her next album — but luckily she decided to jump the gun and share “To Love.” It’s the first single of the year for her and follows a whirlwind of a year that saw not only the arrival of her debut album I Can’t Let Go but also her Milk Teeth EP. Two enamoring collections soaked in her singularly melancholic lyricism and energizingly melodic rock hooks.


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The source of Waterhouse’s enchantment lies ever vitally in the grandiose breadth of her vocal abilities. Nowhere is that more true than on “To Love,” where she reveals a vast emotional dexterity amidst the anthemic surge of bristling rock sonics. Whether she’s hitching her forlorn musings to a powerful wail or brooding slowly in that gloaming croon of hers, the song is wrapped up in the song’s rapt melody and energy. What opens as a slow-burning ballad eventually transforms into a fiery expression of what it means to love — one unleashed alongside the sizzle of electric riffs and the mellodious echo of twanging guitars.


“Is there a universe / Where our paths never crossed?” Waterhouse questions at the beginning of the song. Pondering all the miraculous ways we both run into and dodge the trajectories of others, only to find yourself colliding with the same person over and over again. Of all love’s pitfalls and for all of Waterhouse’s heartaching, the song resounds as both a plea to love and an awestruck ode to such a beguiling emotion. “While the world’s falling apart / You make it so easy to love,” she coos tenderly.

“‘To Love’ is a song that I wrote really recently that I was going to wait to put out on my second album, but I felt like it is a very distinct portrait of my heart right now that I wanted to share,” Waterhouse said. “I started performing it on tour and got so excited that I wanted to share it with everyone.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “To Love” the new single from Suki Waterhouse below!

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