Aluna & TSHA Join Forces To Create Dance Pop Ecstasy On “Killing Me”

aluna & tsha
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Aluna and TSHA have joined forces to create the insatiable new bop “Killing Me,” bringing together two rising phenomenons in the world of dance music in the process. Once one-half of the duo AlunaGeorge, solo artist Aluna Francis made her breakout debut just a few years ago in 2020 with Renaissance and emerged as a vibrant new maker of genre-shape-shifting dancefloor anthems. This explains why she tapped TSHA for her latest release, leveraging the U.K. producer’s talents in manifesting delirium-soaked house and dance-pop.


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“Killing Me” overflows with disco-led detonations of synthesizers and cork-screwing beats. Pairing Aluna’s bewitching vocals with TSHA’s decisively potent soundscapes, the song thrums to infinity with no signs of slowing down. This suits the song perfectly given how raptly it tries to express such rapt heartache. “Get yourself off my mind / ‘Cause I’m tired of you in my head,” she sings in her gleaming croon. “I wanna feel alive.” Turns out the creation process for “Killing Me” was just as tumultuous but once the duo had it dialed in they knew they had something hot on their hands.

“Having been a huge admirer of TSHA’s production I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to work together,” Aluna explained. “But what came out surprised us both — it’s a catchy bop, but it’s still wonky and fresh with that distinctive originality that TSHA has us all in a chokehold. It took a while with us throwing the song back-and-forth and even in the trash at one point, but our joint obsession pulled us through and finally it’s ready to join the world!”


TSHA’s signature touches include injecting the track with an impossible-to-resist house energy: the whole melody oscillates around it as do Aluna’s honeyed vocals. Striking the perfect balance between the singer/songwriter’s earnestly crystalline words and the fiery emotion that boils underneath them. Riddled by the nostalgia of early 00s EDM the track is also a shimmering vision of the future of the genre — led as it is by exemplary talents like Aluna and TSHA.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Aluna!” TSHA said of the collaboration. “She is an incredible writer and has the most unique voice that’s instantly recognisable. She was at the top of my list of artists I wanted to work with so when the opportunity to write together came along I was really excited. It was fun to work with someone so pro at what they do. I also got to step out of my current sound which I love doing and make something a lot more housey!”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Killing Me” the new single from Aluna and TSHA below!

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