Artists You Should Know: Stream Amaarae’s Intoxicating New Single “Reckless & Sweet”

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Ghanaian-American singer, Amaarae has made her much-awaited return with the release of her new single, “Reckless & Sweet.” This melodically enchanting song combines elements of Arabic, Indian, and African music, creating a unique and harmonious sound. Her skillful blend of diverse musical styles is what sets Amaarae apart from the crowd. Fans of all genres will be sure to have this song on repeat.


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Amaarae’s creativity and artistry shine radiantly in her new single “Reckless & Sweet,” as well as in the accompanying music video. Directed by Briana Shaneé and Lauren Dunn, the visual work featuring models models Leomie Anderson and Monyjok Ngor Deng emphasizes the single’s message of “finding the inner sensuality and confidence” with its seductive visuals.

Amaarae stars and embodies power in the video alongside a female and male love interest. Often pictured between her two love interests, the rising star demonstrates independence and self-assurance while conveying sensuality and femininity.

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“Coming back after so long, I had a lot of time to think and reflect on what I wanted my message to be last time it was about confidence, this time it’s about love and faith,” shares Amaarae in a press release. “

This is my sexiest video to date and what I love most about it is that young black women and men are about to see what our new energy is for 2023 and beyond. Moving forward we’re grown and sexy. We’re going to make sure we always look our best, talk our best, walk our best, and most of all we’re bringing love and romance back! ‘Reckless & Sweet’ is a sexy song. It’s about being intentional with the ways we make and give love. It’s about finding the inner sensuality and confidence without yourself and sharing that with the world. As an artist that is exactly where I’m at at the moment.”


The music video also includes an exciting easter egg. While lounging on the couch, Amaarae is posed with a newspaper that reads, “Fountain Baby is coming soon.” She announced via Instagram that her new album Fountain Baby will be released via Interscope Records this year, although there is no definite release date yet. The easter egg in the video was a fun addition, as fans have anticipated the album’s release since the drop of her first album, The Angel You Don’t Know.

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Amaarae’s music is an amalgamation of her heritage and upbringing, her experience in the industry, and her willingness to experiment with different genres and styles. With her new single and forthcoming album, we hope the new of a tour announcement is not too far.

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Words: Yuliana Olmedo

Watch the music video for Amaarae’s new single “Reckless & Sweet ” below!

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