Artists You Should Know: Yunè Pinku Brings The Interstellar Rave To Your Ears With New Single “Sports”

yunè pinku
Yunè Pinku by Leanda Heler

Yunè Pinku has shared a new single and music video in the form of the electronica odyssey that is “Sports,” the latest hypnotic piece to emerge from the artist’s forthcoming EP BABYLON IX which arrives on Apr. 28. She also announced a tour that gives fans one opportunity to catch her when she makes her west coast debut at El Cid in Los Angeles on June 22. This is the third song the singer/songwriter and producer shared from the EP: first came the hyperkinetic “Fai Fighter,” which was followed by the neon-gloaming and eerie “Night Light.”


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Part of the growing appeal of Yunè Pinku is her knack for imagining the kinds of worlds her soundscapes both inspire and unravel from. In “Sports” she soundtracks a twisted and dystopian fixation with television, contorting it into an industrial rager that echoes the ferally-dreamy energy of her previous singles. Co-produced with DJ and producer Jakwob the track is a spacey and rapt collection of heady electronica and eternally-galloping beats.

“Sports is based loosely on an angry version of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Game’ — mainly just the idea of someone putting a TV screen before the people they care about and their own life,” Yunè Pinku explained. “I envisioned a sort of Wall-E-esque future people glued to the chair with a TV guide vibe.”


That’s exactly the kind of vibe the music video for “Sports” offers up: picturing Yunè Pinku alone in a room with her equipment, keyboards, and various laptops/t.v. screens scattered around her. Mixing trippy visuals with quick cuts that mirror the song’s emphatically breakneck beat, the film captures the inherent dynamism of her sonic creations. Which are dually propulsive and disarmingly brooding — at times even hauntingly so. “Sports” is no different and the music video only emphasizes the mind-meltingly mesmeric ways Yunè Pinku enthralls a variety of emotions via her music.

Be sure to check out the two stellar atmospheric dance anthems she’s released from BABYLON IX prior to “Sports.” In both “Night Life” and “Fai Fighter” she embellishes her already luxuriant use of synths with a glisteningly-starry vision of what will essentially be the centerpiece of the EP: a kind of interstellar rave. Her debut EP Bluff is also worth giving a listen to, which provides a contrast to her newfound sci-fi-minded ventures with the kind of sad girl electronic bangers she was previously creating.

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See Yunè Pinku live at El Cid in Los Angeles on June 22.

BABYLON IX the new EP from Yunè Pinku will be released on Apr. 28 via Platoon, pre-order it here.

Visit Yunè Pinku on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Yunè Pinku tour

U.K. & Europe
3/23 – London, UK @ Electric Brixton
3/25 – Limerick, IE @ Dolans
3/26 – Cork, IE @ Cyprus Avenue
3/28 – Dublin, IE @ Academy
4/15 – Rotterdam, NL @ MOM festival, Motel Mozaique
5/18 – London, UK @ Pickle Factory
5/27 – Bristol, UK @ Dot To Dot Festival
5/28 – Nottingham, UK @ Dot To Dot Festival
5/30 – Barcelona, ES @ Primavera a la Ciutat
8/11 – Budapest, HU @ Sziget Festival (dj set)

6/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere, Zone One
6/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Cid

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Sports” the new single from Yunè Pinku below!

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