Artists You Should Know: Albert Kass Delivers Feel-Good Indie Folk with New Single “Formidable (For Me Dabla)”

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With a heart full of passion and a lifetime of experiences, Albert Kass is ready to give a first taste of his debut album, Young Old Man with the release of his new single “Formidable (For Me Dabla). The track marks Kass’ return to creating music after two careers and two decades. With its mellow, indie folk vibes and Kass’ gentle croon, the song creates a soothing sonic escape and encourages listeners to slow down and enjoy the present moment.


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His riveting trek began in his childhood home, listening to the beautiful sounds of his sister’s classical piano playing, igniting a spark that would blossom into a deep love of creating music. Already gaining acclaim, Kass is set to bring joy and inspiration to listeners everywhere with his coming-of-age story and original compositions.

Produced by Grammy-nominated Billy Mohler, the latest release takes you on a fanciful journey into a dreamlike state of existence, revealing a new side to Kass as his songs usually come from a “dark, primordial place.”


With “Formidable (For Me Dabla),” Kass’ lyrics explore the importance of embracing joy and letting go of heaviness. Adoringly, the song was inspired by the childhood memory of his sister.

“When I was a kid, my sister and I used to watch scary movies,” shared Kass in a press release. “She always made sure that we watched an episode of Friends afterward, to cleanse us of cinematic trauma.” He comments, “That’s what this song is.”

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With its message of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life, Kass invites us to pause and appreciate the little moments of life. Sweet lyrics such as: “Been so long since your last exchange/I bet he didn’t turn your page/So come on and follow me/For an hour, just an hour,” easily welcomes listeners into a feel-good mood that just won’t cease.

So, take a break and feel the warmth of Kass’ new single below. Follow Albert Kass on Instagram to stay updated on new announcements.

Words: Yuliana Olmedo

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