Akajou Issues A Reminder To “Enjoy Life” On New Single


Akajou has shared another new single with the release of “Enjoy Life,” the latest from the rapper. It’s the second track that he’s dropped this year following the previous single “Los Angeles To Phoenix” and his debut album Akajou Is Real. Like his last single the new release unfolds like a self-contained hype anthem, combining emphatic beats with the rapper’s uplifting bars that hone in on the energizing power of his bars.


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“Enjoy Life” tracks a realignment of sorts for Akajou as he dodges hurdles and leaps over pitfalls in his journey to do just as the song’s title suggests. “Instinctively moving towards the light,” he raps. “New heights / I’m no longer moving out of spite.” But knowing the path and following it are two very different things as it soon becomes clear. Even with a positive mindset, Akajou gives voice to both creative and personal struggles. “I’m motivated / But I can’t seem to get it right,” he laments, later commenting on a lack of friends which he resolves to use as more time to work on his music.


At its core “Enjoy Life” isn’t just this sunny, upbeat collection of bars but rather a sobering roll call of life’s capacity for happiness and disappointment. One that tracks all of Akajou’s movements and pivots to get where he is now, as someone focused on their own well-being and enjoying the little things along the way. But still, as someone who has their eyes on the stars: “Hella dreams but they seem so far” he confesses near the end of the single. Yet Akajou is anything if not determined and nowhere amidst the scintillating beats of “Enjoy Life” indicates he has any intention of being deterred.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Enjoy Life” the new single from Akajou below!

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