Artists You Should Know: Cat Burns Gives Voice To The Things Essential To Life On New Single “Live More & Love More”

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London-based singer/songwriter Cat Burns is back on our radar with new music, sharing her latest single “live more & love more.” They’re also performing a string of tour dates around the globe, including a stop at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Aug. 16. It’s her second new track of the year following the prior single “Home For My Heart” and last year’s emotionally unavailable EP. Her soulful and earnest acoustic pop creates a lush space for Burns to funnel her tender confessionals.


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Burns’ ability to transcend the personal nature of her songwriting and tap into their moving relatability is a hallmark of her music. Her latest release “live more & love more” offers up with gushing sincerity this uplifting encouragement to do exactly what its title suggests: finding a balance between growing ourselves as individuals and sharing our love. “Since I’ve gotten older / I’ve realized we all care about things that don’t really matter,” she ruminates. “We’re just told it does.”

Empowered by the swell of its melody and thrumming energy, Burns emerges as this electrifying and stirring force behind the pop balladry. One overflowing with lucid understanding about where people should derive meaning and happiness from their lives. “When we’re not here anymore,” she coos. “It all comes down to who we were and what we stood for.” It doesn’t take long to get swept away in the torrent of emotion that spills from the song’s heartfelt pronouncements.


A quick dive into Burns’ discography reveals her talent for piggybacking ecstatic pop melodies with her explosively introspective lyricism. Back-to-back singles like the riveting “people pleaser” and the far more pensive acoustic ballad “sleep at night” are just a few of her more recent releases that put on display her grandiose vocal and melodic statements.

Then there’s her third EP emotionally unavailable, which opens steeped in heartache and anger with “go” and traverses a visceral sprawl of her most vulnerable reflections about navigating love and relationships. Other standouts well worth a listen to include the jaunty and lofty rhythms of “anxiety,” as well as the bittersweet “we’re not kids anymore.” What remains consistently striking as you listen to Burns is her talent for making the personal appear so honestly grandiose. Emptied of all ego, her songs serve as both intimate reflections and sagacious pieces of anecdotal wisdom.

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See Cat Burns live at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Aug. 16.

Visit Cat Burns on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “live more & love more” the new single from Cat Burns below!

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