Artists You Should Know: Edie Yvonne Fuses Jubilant Pop With Glam-Rock On New Single “Stain”

edie yvonne

With the release of her latest single “Stain,” 14-year-old Edie Yvonne is poised to become a household name. She might only have a handful of singles out at the moment but ever since she started releasing music last year, the actor and artist has shown little sign of slowing down. It was a role in Chloë Sevigny’s film “Kitty” that inspired her to write her debut single “With the Light,” a retro pop ballad that uncovered Yvonne’s talent for captivatingly personal songwriting and occasional glam-rock infusions.


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That combination serves her well on “Stain,” which opens dreamily with this meandering piano medley that echoes alongside her distant murmurs. At first, the song resembles a kind of dark pop ballad with its shuddering beats and haunting electronic backing. “Walking into a room / Your glares of doom,” she coos. “Breath in, head up high.”

The opening follows the experience Yvonne has had since the end of the lockdown rediscovering the ways in which other people uncomfortably fixate on her differences — in this case, regarding her birthmark. As the track continues and the beat finally kicks in, she builds up her defenses against the odd looks and unkind words. Which is easier said than done as “Stain” makes it exceptionally plain. “Can’t escape the midnight doubts,” she confesses. “Even dreams weigh me down / Torn between what is true.”


It’s here that a glimmering electric guitar cuts through the gloom of Yvonne’s attempts to fend off the infectious self-doubt. The song becomes this defiant anthem about the constant vigilance and reminders required to maintain one’s self-esteem in a world where we are constantly hoodwinked into being overtly critical of ourselves — especially regarding things we cannot change.

And if you enjoyed “Stain” then you should absolutely dive into the rest of Yvonne’s singles available for streaming. The jubilant swayer “Random Boy” cuts a breezy line of alt-rock that narrates a missed connection on a train ride; while last year’s “Eyes of Lies” saunters forth as this buoyant pop melody that bittersweetly soundtracks another poignant confessional.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Stain” the new single from Edie Yvonne below!

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