Artist You Should Know: Ane Diaz Honors The Life Of A Cowboy On New Single and Music Video “Clavelito Colorado”

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Venezuelan singer/songwriter Ane Diaz has shared the third single from her forthcoming album Despechada with the release of “Clavelito Colorado.” The new song follows previous singles “Pueblos Tristes” and “Carmela.” She will also be performing at Zebulon in Los Angeles on Jun. 12. Hauntingly passionate and consumed by a reverent melancholy, the song embodies many of the feelings the artist possesses in regard to her homeland of Caracas. One that explores the heartache she feels in further exploring her roots, including reimagining certain iconic folk songs that will appear on the album.


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With “Clavelito Colorado” Diaz looks to the solitary life of the cowboy who wanders the desert with his cattle. The song itself revolves around a beautiful red carnation that the cowboy sees on their travels but is unable to truly appreciate or pick. But where the song comes to life is through the singer’s mellifluous vocals that weave themselves in and out of the sparse instrumentation that dots the song’s soundscape. Both Diaz’s luminescent words and twinkling instrumentals offer a bit of light to illuminate the dark desert expanse that the song evokes in the mind.


The music video for “Clavelito Colorado,” directed by Nathalia Pizarro using stable diffusion, attempts to capture all the swelling emotions in the song visually. Offering an arresting and fluidly shifting collage of images that seek to capture all the inherent beauty, wonder, and tender melancholy of the people who live such a life. Images of cattle herds in an auburn desert fill the constantly shape-shifting scenes as do the brown bodies that live this life and do such work. It’s a truly stunning and moving video that provides a surreal experience, as well as captures the dreamy and folkloric quality of both the single and the forthcoming album.

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Despechada the new album from Ane Diaz is out on Jun. 9.

See Ane Diaz at Zebulon in Los Angeles on Jun. 12 for a record release show.

Visit Ane Diaz on their website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Clavelito Colorado” the new single from Ane Diaz below!

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