Jorja Smith Flirts With Spontaneity On New Single and Music Video “Little Things”

jorja smith
Jorja Smith by Romany Francesca

Jorja Smith is back with another engrossing and soulful fixation with the release of her latest single “Little Things.” It’s the second new track of the year for the British artist and sensation, following the release of her previous single “Try Me” earlier this year. The new tracks serve as the signal of her return after the release of her second album Be Right Back a couple of years ago, which itself was meant to tide fans over between projects.


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With her latest release “Little Things,” Smith sinks deep into a night of imagined flirty frivolity. One that unfolds against a particularly hypnotic collection of beats and a dizzying piano medley. As the track begins you’re greeted with a rapid pattering of percussion that fills the space between the ecstatic weaving of her vocals. But then those piano strikes start to tumble in, punctuating her side-winding cries with their melodic shimmer.

“It’s the little things that gets me high,” she coos into the bass-rupturing track. “Won’t you come with me and spend the night / Just a little thing for you and I.” All those little things add up to a serendipitous night and the track becomes this flirtatiously, reveling ode to the nights when things just seem to come together perfectly.


Jorja Smith said of the single: “The song is pretty self-explanatory, I had a lil concoction – rum, ting, and a magnum. When we started creating this song I was just imagining hearing this walking into a party and seeing someone I’d had my eye on. It’s fun!”

The music video for “Little Things,” directed by Bolade Banjo, was filmed in Peckham, London, and features Smith and British rapper Headie One. Together they play two people caught in the whirlpool of desire and meteoric energy of the night — the video references rave culture from the 80s to today. But it’s also spliced with interviews with partygoers who get into the nitty gritty of their own relationship with ecstatically dancing the night away to a jam of a track and searching for such fortuitous passion in the crowd.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Little Things” the new single from Jorja Smith below!

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