Artists You Should Know: XLOVCLO Pines Desperately For Some “Molly” On New Single and Music Video


XLOVCLO is back with another hook-filled track with the release of her latest single “Molly.” The Maryland-raised artist has been on a steady rise since they started releasing singles back in 2021, one characterized by meteoric and viral surges. Garnering praise from artists like Doja Cat and Lil Nas X has only added to the 20-year-olds undeniable and mesmerizing swagger. But it’s her knack for creating off-kilter beats and rhymes that fuse together soulful R&B introspections with the kinetic ferocity of hip-hop.


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XLOVCLO’s latest offering “Molly” oscillates atop a gleaming collection of electronic textures that burst and fray alongside the artist’s ecstatic cries. It’s a track steeped as much in amorous desire as it is in scintillating bass, one that longs for the euphoric bliss offered by the taste of another person’s passion. Or at least something similar in ecstasy and perhaps catalyzed by a few colored pills on the tongue. The song is a shimmering banger that serves as just the latest in a series of killer tracks shared by XLOVCLO.

It also comes with a music video that highlights once again the artist’s singular aesthetic. As XLOVCLO performs the song they’re surrounded by the drab grey hues around them, from their jacket and sweats to the walls of the home around them. But that all changes the moment they get a fix on the person they’re pining after.


An explosion of distorted color fills giving color to the streaks of monochromatic black and white that cover the trees around her. But the feeling is only so fleeting and the comedown is disorienting as the song fades out. Warped but buoyant, the video ends with a wobble of color as XLOVCLO ends up on the floor with a bottle of pills by her, still soaring.

Like previous singles “John” and “Kick It,” her tracks are as much a fixation as the music videos she creates to visualize them. And if you even slightly felt yourself vibing to the electric grooves of “Molly,” then your next destination should be those prior releases. Both are prime examples of XLOVCLO’s ability to enthrall via her breathlessly confessional and unfiltered style.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Molly” the new single from XLOVCLO below!

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