Los Angeles rockers This Is A Revolver has shared their latest single and music video for the manic “Stir Crazy,” marking their third new song of the year. Comprised of Rudy Lopez (guitar/bass/mix-master), Nikki Born (lyrics/vocals), Matt Gossen (bass), and Taylor Frost (drums), the band creates the kind of virulent rock you’d expect from such a collision of post-punk and grunge. Their previous singles “Bottom Rock” and “Revolver” are both rip-roaring anthems devoted to the band’s insatiable sonic spirit.


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“Stir Crazy” continues to offer the fiery catharsis that This Is A Revolver has to offer. Inspired by an experience that plenty of people over the last few years can relate to: this new single came to be after a stint in quarantine left Lopez and Born with nothing to do except mess around with creating some demos. Everything from the writing, recording, and music video was completed within a single day.

The circumstances of its creation only add to the explosively frenetic energy that tears through the song with every howling shriek and lightning-strike riff. As Born wails deliriously over the grumbling bass they give voice to a kind of possessed downward spiral. One that speaks to not just the cabin fever of a self-imposed quarantine but really any other kind of hysteria-inducing situation will do.

The music video for “Stir Crazy” is just as unhinged as the track might imply. Filmed on just an iPhone the video follows Born as they absolutely lose their minds alongside the track’s soul and mind-shattering rock rushes. It unfolds like a highlight reel of a person hitting their breaking point in isolation. Deprived of human contact for far too long, Born might be the only one in the music video but even if they weren’t they would steal the show anyway with just how well they embody the inanity that takes over the mind. Which is perhaps owed to the fact that they were experiencing it in real-time as they were filming.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Stir Crazy” the new single from This Is A Revolver below!

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