If you haven’t yet stumbled upon Los Angeles collective grouptherapy. then their latest release “Nasty” will serve as their saucy introduction. Comprised of a trio of artists — Jadagrace, SWIM, and TJOnline — the group creates audaciously personable mixtapes that blend their individual talents into a molten mixture of lane-changing hip-hop.


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Their debut this is not the album. arrived in 2020 and since then they’ve released two follow-ups, growing ever more comfortably bold in their fiercely unabashed expressions. Their most recent collection Truth Be Told signaled an increasing lean toward more tremendous shifts in genre that have only made their music more compelling.

On their new single “Nasty,” the collective known as grouptherapy. toy with their expressions of desire. Against the thrum of a potent backbeat, they drop their amorous bars with the kind of vehement intensity that characterizes all of their tracks. Taking turns on the mic the trio share the freakiest corners of their mind. “Lowkey freak in the street so (classy),” Jadagrace admits. “Great like (Gatsby).”

Elsewhere on the track SWIM and TJOnline trade back-to-back verses that dive into their own nastiness. “I been fencing on the low, I’m a stab giver,” TJOnline slyly raps. “Bought your girl a 4 for 4 and got a crab dinner / (Crab for me).” Last to arrive is the lightning-quick rhymes of SWIM who guns it through the track’s finale with such suave steaminess.

The new single also comes with a music video directed by the group that captures all the unapologetic and emphatic expressions that they stand for. Shot through the distorted view of a fisheye the video sees the trio performing the song at a variety of locations — from an empty gas station lot to a neon illuminated tile-lined bathroom. Not only does the video capture the exuberant charisma and chemistry that overflows within grouptherapy., but it also nods nostalgically to an era of music that was crucial to their development as artists.

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“‘Nasty’ was another super easy song to make,” grouptherapy. explained. “I think we all felt a need to let our id speak and embrace our nastier side; whether that be sexy and seductive or slick like an oil spill. This is grouptherapy. on our pimp shit.”

Visit grouptherapy. on their website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Nasty” the new single from grouptherapy. below!

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