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Volcanic punk-rock outfit Lambrini Girls has finally unveiled their debut EP with the release of You’re Welcome. Across the six-track collection the band runs a gauntlet of furiously raucous anthems devoted to tearing down abusers and bashing bigots. Wielding a brash lyricism that switchfoots often between the bitterly sardonic and the brutally eviscerating. Insatiable as hell and sonically relentless the EP arrives as a meteoric affirmation of the band’s incisive social commentary on everything from the privilege of male bands to anti-LGBTQ+ hostility.


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The rip-roaring begins with “Boys in the Band,” a thunderous rager that tells an all too familiar story about a band that is able to hide beyond their music, fanbase, and privilege from any kind of allegation or consequence. “They’re local heroes I’ve heard, but the lines are getting blurred,” they howl against the pummeling. “You’ve gotta say they’re not safe to be around.”

The verbal clobbering continues on “Terf Wars,” where Lambrini Girls pulverize any notion that there is any place for woman in the feminist movement who disparage and invalidate the experiences of transgender people. One imagines the the blistering riffs that cut through the song coalescing into a hurricane that blows away the U.K.’s resident “stain on this earth” a.k.a. J.K. Rowling.

On the ravenous “Lads Lads Lads,” they take on the virulent voice of a group of intolerant drunk scumbags as they belittle and try to intimidate anyone they encounter that doesn’t ascribe to their narrow views of gender and sexuality. The final two songs on the EP were released as its first singles and serve as a smoldering finale.

There is the sizzling “Help Me I’m Gay,” an acerbic bite in response to the ignorant knee-jerk assumption that everyone is heterosexual, and the explosive rejection of the unwanted and aggressive advances of men on “White Van.” It is clear that Lambrini Girls never burn as bright as when they’re annihilating intolerance — whether they’re steamrolling over it via vicious drums or burning it away with their withering howls. And they always make it an emphatic joy to hear and rage to.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to You’re Welcome the new EP from Lambrini Girls below!

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