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Nelly Furtado & Dom Dolla by Dons Lens

With the help of producer Dom Dolla the indelible Nelly Furtado has made her return, sharing her first new song with the release of the EDM club record “Eat Your Man.” The new collaboration comes with the news the that iconic artist has plans for a new album in the works. That’s actually how Dom Dolla ended up linking with her in the first place: with Furtado tapping him for his input as a songwriter/producer for her future projects. According to both, it was a meeting of kindred creative minds that led to an instant connection.


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The resulting song “Eat Your Man” is nothing short of a reminder of Furtado’s versatility as an artist and vocalist. Against the pulsating relentlessness that thrums throughout the track, she appears ferociously bewitching, effortlessly slipping into the heady beat rush of Dom Dolla’s creation. From its merciless dance energy to Furtado’s unbridled sensuality — the track is haunted by this irresistible rampaging intensity. At its core, it’s a song designed for the dark moments between strobe flashes, a torrid anthem to carnal desire.

Of course, she is far from a stranger to the allure of a left-field collaboration. Just like with “Promiscuous” (feat. Timbaland), the new song indicates that Furtado has every intention of continuing to experiment with and expand her sound. Since she started making music close to two decades ago she has successfully channeled a variety of genres. Including folk, R&B, hip-hop, dance, and Latin pop. A team-up with an EDM artist and producer like Dom Dolla has only uncovered a new realm of energizing music for her to mold into her own.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Eat Your Man” the new single from Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado below!

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