Denver multi-hyphenate N3ptune wrangles together a face-melting mixture of genres on their newest single “SHADOW,” co-produced with frequent collaborator and guitarist Rusty Steve. It’s a track emblematic of all the rapturous energy that crackles so ferociously from his music, especially on his debut album Renaissance which arrived in the form of an electrifying melding of gospel, blues, and soul into ecstatic pop.


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While in high school, N3ptune started out as a producer and singer/songwriter, quickly garnering in Denver’s DIY scene with his infectious bombastic swagger. He and Rusty Steve broke through with the release of the thrilling and audacious “Black Horse.” Even immersing yourself in the first few minutes of Renaissance reveals the bold truth behind comparisons made between N3ptune and Prince a connection that Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells made upon seeing him live and making the immediate decision to bring them on tour.

That comparison still holds true on N3ptune’s latest release “SHADOW,” a bass thrumming journey through the sonic realms that he and Rusty Steve occupy. As the track opens, it burns earnestly and frantically to a smoldering electronica soundscape. And right through this inferno N3ptune saunters, parting the concussive flames with his exhilerating vocals that inject the track with fiery energy.

This isn’t the kind of song you make it through without it edging your heart into a sprint and inspiring an impossible-to-resist vigor that demands release. The music video for “Shadow,” directed by the two artists and Marcin Biegunajtys, is just as vividly and spectacularly entrancing as the song. Bathed in red light and heavy shadows, N3ptune and Rusty Steve give an explosively sensual and provocative performance of the song that possesses all the mesmeric wonder of a fever dream. If you enjoyed his newest single, you would be remiss not to check out last year’s heady deep dive into N3ptune’s mind on “Mannequin.”

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N3ptune tour dates
JUN 22 – Electric Forest 2023 – Rothbury, MI, United States
JUL 21 – Capitol Hill Block Party – Seattle, WA, United States
JUL 28 – The Underground Music Showcase – Denver, CO, United States
AUG 12 – Barrel & Flow Fest 2023 – Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “SHADOW” the new single from N3ptune and Rusty Steve below!

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