Rising artist Estevie has shared a scorching new single just in time for peak summer with the release of “miami.” Fans who have caught her live recently will no doubt recognize the track as it’s been a setlist favorite that she’s taken on the road with her. A native of the Southern California city of Beaumont, the first-generation Mexican-American enmeshes Latin traditions into enthralling pop.


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Her latest release “miami” continues to pair a modern pop sleekness to her cumbia sonidera style. But it also toys with her capacity for melding a variety of different genres together to create a sizzling track about summer romances. One that opens with a sweltering and upbeat surf-rock-influenced intro that rumbles forward on jaunty riffs.

But as the rush fades away it’s replaced by this psych-rock distortion and electro-tinted beat. Against the warped blare of horns and an irresistibly elastic melody, Estevie conjures up a mirage of summertime infatuations and heatwave passions. The kind of track meant for melting bodes on dance floors or sweatily torrid moments along on the sand.

The new track follows the release of the previous single “Triste Verano,” which offers up a much more melancholic vision of summer romance. Though it also unveils the stunning vocal breadths Estevie can call upon with relative ease, her laments entangled in a web of weeping acoustics and Chicano singer/songwriter Danny Lux’s vocals. Other recent singles worth a listen includes her cover of “Que Vuelvas / Bebe Dame” and “Santee.”

Estevie’s journey started when she was just 11 years old after earning second place in the Mexican singing competition La Academia Kids. It wasn’t long before she was touring the country performing in front of crowds of thousands. Her first string of releases arrived a few years later in the form of singles like the dreamily rhythmic “Por Vida” and kinetically sultry “LoterĂ­a.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “miami” the new single from Estevie below!

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