London five-piece Wednesday’s Child have finally unleashed their new Seven Sisters EP — a rollicking ode to seven women they count amongst their most inspiring muses. But the collection also finds them at their most hauntingly rakish as they attempt to invoke and summon the spirits of each. One that opens with the ferociously cacophonous spell “Billie” — which honors the indelible memory of Billie Holiday.


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On the vampiric “Theda” the band offer up a tribute to femme-fatale Theda Bara, an actress of the silent film who rightfully earned the nickname “The Vamp.” While the jaunty guitars that whine and grumble across the sizzling “Paula” whip up the abstractions of Portuguese-British visual artist Paula Rego.

Then there’s the dazzling “Alice” — a fiery vindication of the main character of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” — which explodes with brash rock sonics and a fittingly mind-bending resonance. “Elastic confidence you can’t deny / Rearrange aeroplanes in the sky,” they sing. “I’m so high you all must now comply / Alice getting Alice-er.”

“Ronnie” finds them paying their respects to Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes to the tune of this sublimely uplifting and driving melody. “The way that Ronnie sings / Out her heart,” they coo over the song’s light piano finale. “Teaches me to say I love you still when we’re apart.”

True to their form and spirit, Wednesday’s Child end the revelries of their EP wrapped in euphoric hysteria and madness, calling upon the Greek muse associated with dance and choruses with “Terpsichore.” With live-wire energy and ecstatic excitement, they exalt the uncontrollable creative spirit that demands self-expression.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to Seven Sisters the new EP from Wednesday’s Child below!

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