L.A. trio Twin Oaks recently unveiled a companion EP for their latest album Strangers with the release of the collection’s final single and title track “Anchors.” The band will also be playing a show at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles on September 6th. One of three songs written by the band fairly early into the creation of their fourth album, the EP arrives as a kind of epilogue to the record’s already emotional and melodic vastness created by Lauren Brown, Aaron Domingo, and Marilyn Beltran.


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With “Anchors,” the band continues to thread the needle of their spacious but sonorous bedroom production. The song unfolds initially as just this lulling exchange between a mournful piano and Brown’s piercingly luminous vocals. But as the tones of the keys start to resonate louder more ethereal coos begin to materialize in the dark spaces between notes. It doesn’t take long to find yourself caught in the tide of ever-crescendoing sonics as a wave of lambent electronic textures starts to swell all around you. Soon even the piano keys have warped into this elongated and distorted drone of radiant riffs that beam and crackle toward cacophony.

Like so much of their music, “Anchors” is a song that leaves you paradoxically drained and exhilarated. The rest of the EP and album are similarly filled to the brim with the grandiosity of their stripped-down soundscapes. Wrangling all their myriad influences — from bedroom folk and downtempo electronica to heavy post-rock, trip-hop, and shoegaze — into such evocatively minimalist implosions of sound. And be sure to give the rest of the Anchors EP a listen, which previous singles “Keep It Down” and “Silver and Gold.”

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See Twin Oaks at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles on September 6th.

Visit Twin Oaks on their website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Anchors” the new single from Twin Oaks below!

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