Dry Ice and the Crescendos have shared a preview of their forthcoming debut album Heart and Soul with the release of its lead single “Hole in My Heart!” Despite it being their first offering as a collective the band is far from a cluster of newcomers and is instead comprised of touring professionals. Together they serve as the session group for CL Turner — a fellow veteran musician and pianist/songwriter with a wildly eclectic array of influences.


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As far as first introductions go “Hole in My Heart!” reveals Dry Ice and the Crescendos as a galvanizing conduit of anthemic alt-rock. What begins as a wearied slow burn of singed riffs and meandering percussive rhythms grows ever more ardent and boldly vulnerable as the song continues. Turner’s soaring vocals are carried by a riveting collapse of piano keys and earnest guitars as he wrestles with the fear of permanently sundering a relationship with a loved one.

“Can’t move / Can’t think,” he ruminates dejectedly. “There’s no way that / I can sleep.” But this isn’t your typical break-up wailer. Turner actually wrote the song about his then-infant daughter, conceiving the song as a means of articulating his anxiety over the effect an impending divorce would have on their relationship.

As the ecstatic chorus billows, Turner doubles down on tender warmth and grace. “I need you / You need me,” he resolves with steadfast devotion. “We’re joined at the hip / That’s reality.” Leaning into the unbreakable bond between parent and child “Hole in My Heart!” is a blazing ode to that crucially fragile relationship. It might be their first offering of many but Dry Ice and the Crescendos have emerged as a fervent new voice, one propelled by such igniting mashups of hybrid rock.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Hole in My Heart!” the new single from Dry Ice and the Crescendos below!

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