So you want to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. We feel you, and the struggle is most definitely real, however, you’ve come the the right place!


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Grimy Goods is a woman-owned music blog made by fans for fans! We are the ultimate source for tips and tricks to getting concerts tickets, presale codes and even sold-out shows (like Taylor’s Swift’s). We’ve been doing this for 15 years and can tell you straight up, there is still hope for you to score tickets to Taylor Swift’s at SoFi Stadium.

You should have four solid options we highly recommend when it comes to buying sold-out concert tickets. Full transparency, though, these tickets are going to cost you a pretty penny, but sometimes you can get lucky. 

The first two options are to purchase your sold-out Taylor Swift tickets from online resellers like VividSeats or StubHub. When all else fails, we prefer these resell options because both offer a 100% Guarantee.

Pro Tip: the closer you get to the show date, the cheaper ticket prices will be. With this, however, you’re often going to take a gamble. But what we have experienced from our 15-year tenure of being L.A.’s source for concerts and music discovery is that a lot of people will sell last-minute tickets the day of the show because simply, they can no longer make it. And instead of eating the price of their tickets, they opt to sell their tickets at face-value or below just to be able to recoup some of what they paid.

Your third option is to get lucky with just released tickets. More times often than not, Ticketmaster will release more tickets to sold-out shows on the day of the shows , or the day before the show. It’s happened with Bad Bunny’s show, and it happened with Paramore’s recent show at the KIA Forum. So be sure to check Ticketmaster, the official ticket seller for Taylor swift’s Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift has 6 concerts scheduled at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Aug. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9. One of these shows is bound to release more tickets. It’s quite the common occurrences in the concert industry.

Your final option is to hit it old school style and show up at the concert when the box office opens and wish upon a star that they release more tickets, or hopefully, another concert-goer has an extra ticket to sell at face-value or even giveaway for free. Trust, this happens more often than not! We’ve given away many tickets to sold-out shows simply because our +1 couldn’t make it.

When we went to Bad Bunny’s show at SoFi Stadium, numerous tickets were released just a couple of hours before the show started. And they were at a very good price, even for the pit! A lot of fans got lucky and were posting about it on their TikTok.

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So there you have it! Our seasoned tips and tricks for getting tickets to major sold-out tours like Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. And remember, anything can happen with mindful persistence, positive energy and just being at the right place at the right time.

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